Klobuchar: Trump Should Be Giving Public Speeches Defending Muslims | Breitbart

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Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said in the wake of the New Zealand mass shooting at mosques that President Donald Trump be offering statements and giving public speeches “defending Muslims in this world.” Klobuchar said, “I don’t think you can actually take each of the murderous acts and say what role Donald Trump played. But I can tell you this: His rhetoric doesn’t help, and many of these people, whether it was the person who tried to bomb Barack Obama or this murder in New Zealand have cited Donald Trump along the way. So to me, that means at the very least, he is dividing people. They are using him as an excuse. And he, at the very least, should be giving strong statements, public speeches defending Muslims in this world.” She added, “Because I can tell you, having the biggest Somali population in the United States of America, I know they get hit all the time. And one of our jobs as a leader is to stand whether people are Jewish, whether they’re Muslim, no matter how they worship or what they look like, we have to remember that they are all part of a

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