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    Linda Diaz

    I have yet to see or hear of any Celebrity Conservative calling the people who voted for Democrats any kind of derogatory rude comment. The division is exacerbated with these kinds of ignorant remarks from Left Leaning celebrities and Democratic politicians. Along with calling the President every nasty name in the book (as well as the constant threats on his life). Between the media and the hatred being spewed by the Left, I think it’s safe to say that THEY ARE CREATING THE DIVISION IN THIS COUNTRY. The only people that I, personally, have “unfriended”, were former friends who resorted to vulgar name calling instead of logical, factual discussions. Name calling isn’t a valid argument for anything. p.s. did you see this kind of hatred in Social Media & MSM directed toward 44 during his eight years in office? I’m not talking about one or two things done by idiots. I’m talking about a DAILY drive of lies & an ongoing push to brainwash Americans with an agenda written by Soros & Co. Obama was never attacked like this or attacked DAILY as Trump has been. Nothing like that happened. I hate to point out the obvious, but these “racist Rednecks” got more class than anyone on the Left who displays and promotes everything written above.


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    13 Stars

    How true.

    Remember whenever a conservative disagreed with the previous president they were called racist? This is a tactic to silence us. They are doing their best to make us embarrassed by Trump, even by MAGA hats, and disavow that we are those evil “rednecks” that support his policies. But when the p.p. was in office, everything he did was so great and only idiots had another opinion. It’s open propaganda.

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    The “intersectionalism” push going on right now is a new and especially nasty societal division technique.

    More and more fake lines being drawn to separate people into categories instead of uniting them as Americans.

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    Read James Woods. He has no problem calling the liberals what they are!

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    John J. Tinti, Jr.

    Yes, they have been since Obama was first elected.

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    pumpernickel benny

    The entire PC movement was designed to silence free speech. The only safe targets for humor are white men and rednecks. We live in a time where even speaking scientific fact can cost someone their job. Unless you speak the accepted orthodoxy, shut the hell up.

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    Brandy Reyes MBA, BSN, RN

    Their last division attempt is posing the two largest religions against each other: Christians and Muslims. We must not play into this trap. Christians have just as many extremists using our faith to justify harm or claiming to be Christians when they really aren’t…the only difference between Christian extremists and Muslim extremists is they aren’t openly murdering people but doing it in the shadows.. Look at all the so called Christians who are buddies with the extremist Muslims…including pope what’s his face. We must overcome this last attempt by the communists who are neither Christian nor Muslim to divide and conquer.

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