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      Hey just to be clear i got firts posting in this forum!

      Seriously. I hope to see lots of new people around and hope to make lots of new friends.

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      Thanks for joining us! We’re happy to have you. Hoping to spool up the forum activity as we build a bigger pool of regular users.

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      Life is good!

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      Greetings !

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      Hi awesome patriots! Glad to find this site. 🙂

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      man, I am having the worst time navigating this site. Does anyone comment on the home page articles?

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        Dave Sanders

        I did and checked the comment section. It still read 0. Not sure if the counter works. Need to try a different approach to see it that helps. Give the site a chance. Any new site takes a little getting used to.

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        Same. I have been on here for 3 weeks maybe. I have almost given up a few times but determined to see this sites’ success. I am still trying to figure out how the whole site works …….For instance there are 3 different forum sections. Can get a little confusing.

        Constantly trying to connect with friends. Navigation is …..well a lot of work.

        As for the Home Page Comment Section I have figured out that it’s shown to public and members not just registered members. 0 comments.

        I tagged a few members in some news worthy articles but never got a reply.

        My take on the Home Page News Source comment section is that if I have the most success navigating this site on my laptop vs. iphone, then when I see a good headline that I am interested in it takes me to a whole another site to read from the source then I have to navigate back to the original site to comment and then trying to tag a registered member and having to then search friends and then try and remember who they are by newest, alphabetical or tag or handle then copy that navigate back to the home page….uuug it makes my head spin. Therefore, I don’t bother going to the home page news article because its a lot of work. or, read an article and leave no comment. Maybe I am using the site incorrectly.

        So for the heck of it I just tagged you in an article. Have you joined any of the groups? I have been trying to use the Group as a news feed but we need more participation to make that work.

        See what happens.

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