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    V. Huddleston

    As I go, I am going to post links to women who falsely accused men of rape…Easy access to us all because this has got to stop.





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    Lorraine Woodwark

    Yes, really sad. You pointed out that sometimes there are consequences but the media quietly reports some of it.

    This garbage hurts actual victims of crime, especially when they have evidence. In fact, most women who make claims due so within a short time and have evidence. The problem in a “nut shell” is that fake allegations are protected and amplified when its leftist females against conservative/Republican men. Liberals only care when they can destroy someone they disagree with and throw an endless barrage of lies and character assassination. It never ends.

    On a side note: I wonder if Democrats are polling to see what lies work and that is why they keep piling on their lies and feigned “victims”? I just can’t imagine how the public can be so stupid to believe Democrats.

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    Long Eared Lester

    Anyone see anything wrong with what the woman who confronted Flake in the lift said?


    “I was sexually assaulted and nobody believed me!” she declared. “I didn’t tell anyone and you’re telling all women that they don’t matter.”

    So if she didn’t tell anyone then how did she know nobody believed her? She came out later to say that it was still raw but happened a long time ago, the exact time she couldn’t remember. Are these people just making this stuff up?

    More comes to light on the lift woman. Looks more and more like a set-up?

    Alana Mastrangelo


    It turns out the woman screaming in Flake’s face yesterday is Ana Maria Archila, co-executive director of Soros-funded Center for Popular Democracy and Center for Democracy Action Fund.
    14:31 – 29 Sep 2018

    7,525 people are talking about this

    Note links to Soros. More paid for interference. People might think the elite were under threat.

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    True story.My first wife’s nephew while in high school broke up with this girl..She then went about school saying he had abused her and raped her..After weeks of bullying in school by her older brother and most of the school, the mob went to his home at night and a fight broke out and the boy’s mother was actually beaten..After the cops came and everyone went to bed ,the father heard the door shut and a few min. later heard a pop from the barn. The boy went to the barn and shot and killed himself with a single shot shotgun. The next day the girl that accused him of raping her broke down to the cops and admitted she lied and made it all up. Yes girls and women lie about rape .

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