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      Len Saunders


      I believe this petition I’ve attached says it all. I believe there is an immediate urgency for every Patriot to sign & repost the petition on every social site they use.

      I believe to Supreme Court rulings that I’ve listed within the body of the petition itself has already overrode our Forefathers Constitutional Requirements of allowing States to control the In-State voting procedures and gave the Left the upper hand in every State of the Union going back to the 1960s era.

      At this point, I believe we need to audit the Federal Reserve, pay off our National Debt, stop the influx of Illegal Aliens into our Country, and get President Trump re-elected in 2020.

      Please follow the Change.org address I led with and join us.
      We can still protect the Republic of the United States of America before it is too late to stop.

      Thank you,
      Len Saunders
      Just an average voter who has a plan unlike any of our Three Branches of Government, And God no, I am not running for office be ready assured.

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