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      Is it time to stop these hearings for good? They have not always been this way. The first “hearing ” was held in 1916. and I feel it is time to go back to how it was before 1916 and allow potus to appoint whoever they see fit.This will stop the ruining of good families and stop the circus that surrounds the hearings we have just witnessed the last few days. “Elections have consequences” as said by Obama and this I agree with him completely . Time to stop these hearings. They are nothing but a political forum for senators and others to push party and personal agendas. Nothing ever comes out of them other than ruined families and “Spartacus” moment for politicians that couldn’t care less about fairness. And only care about pushing the agenda forward. Time to stop appointee hearings once and for all ,and allow the elected to have their administration they see fit.

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      I would like to start a movement to stop these destructive “Hearings” that never change anything and only destroys families and cause discourse…Please discuss and offer ideas how to go about this to become a reality if you agree it should be stopped…All comments are welcome pro and con as well as possible solutions and actions that should be taken to make this a reality

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      With Ginsburg’s health in doubt this subject will be coming up again soon.

      Let’s see what kind of vile slander circus starts up as the Left seeks to destroy Amy Barrett should she be nominated…

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      These appointees should have some sort of oversight. I only say this because there may be a time when a leftist president may want to appoint extreme leftist to these positions. This may not have been needed in the 20th century and prior, but with the extreme path the left is taking, some check is needed now.

      With that said, there must be a time set to act upon appointees; say 30 days, or the opportunity to vet them is forfeited.

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      There should need to be some sort of EVIDENCE before starting these multi million dollar make work witch hunts.

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