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    Linda Diaz

    Like his personality or not, he doesn’t steal from the taxpayer, neither does he peddle influence or constantly seek to be liked. He is what he is. What you see is what you get. Unlike all the other politicians, he just shakes up the long-accepted politically correct status quo. U.S. taxpayers are no longer the dummies who pay for defense of the whole world yet get taken advantage of at every turn. He has lowered unemployment, especially for minorities. He has opened talks with world leaders that long needed opening. He is placing taxpayers ahead of illegals. He puts America First. America needs him to keep shaking things up.

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    Wonderful topic! He may have had issues in the past with marriage and bad business deals (casino) but he has chosen to give up his rich family oriented existence in order to save this country. He’s got the skills. He’s got the smarts. We are so lucky to have Trump as our President!

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    Many of us constitutional conservatives were Cruz supporters during the primaries. But one thing Trump did was come out early and declare–with specificity–the kind of judges he would appoint. For many of us, it was worth taking a chance on an outsider if it meant possibly saving the Supreme Court.

    So far, he has kept his word pretty well as far as the judiciary goes.

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