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      Roland Frerking


      Democrats don’t care about the economic devastation caused by California’s AB5. Why? Democrats only care about helping themselves and those who support them like union leaders who rob union funds to help Democrats. Laws like AB5 eliminate freelance jobs and force employers to hire only those who work only for them, on their premises.

      it’s easier for union bosses to “organize” and exploit people chained to their job, and forced to congregate in one place. There are few bigger threats to union bosses than allowing workers to be free and independent contractors, and not employees.

      This is one of countless examples of why it is never good to enact a law that affects all the citizens to address an injustice being done by or to less than all the citizens. Justice, after all, is primarily righteousness before God, individually and in common, despite the atheistic theories of Karl Marx and others who don’t begin with scientific objects of perception but with the atheistic principles of evil men, including anti-freedom socialists and anti-male feminists.

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