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    Bill Grant

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    Phase 0 needs users. Help these folks out by using their platform and participating in shaping it.


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    Anonymous @

    No complaints from Target
    They are actually seeing more foot traffic. haha amazon

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    Long Eared Lester

    This is from before tweets were ever invented and I never knew it existed at the time, they interviewed Donald and he knew how strong the WTC was and it wasn’t just the Planes that brought the towers down.

    Virtually every Engineer and Structural Engineer I have talked to ever since when questioned about the WTC also does not believe they could collapse in the way they did.

    I also believe this is what drove Donald to run for President


    There are strange ‘coincidences’ everywhere when you open your eyes and one is that of Beverly Eckert, the widow of a victim of the 9/11 attacks who became a famous campaigner for a real investigation of the events of that day. Stating “My silence cannot be bought”, she refused to accept the 9-11/Compensation fund payment of $1.8M. In 2009, 6 days after meeting Barack Obama to demand a real investigation, she was killed aboard Colgan Air Flight 3407 along with 48 other people.


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