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    Linda Diaz

    Let’s make this abundantly clear, even, no–especially–from the Democratic side of the aisle: Hillary Clinton should not run for president in 2020.

    From the initial reports of her thinking about jumping in, it sounds like it’s all about ego and emotion and nothing that says that she has thought this out in any meaningful way.

    The news reports basically make it out that Clinton wants a rematch against Donald Trump, that she senses strength against him since she won the popular vote the last time and that Trump now is even more unpopular with the American people.[1]

    I’m sorry, but that’s the rationale of someone who feels she lost unjustly and wants a “do over,” not a positive reason to run for president.

    We already have a historic four women[2] running for the Democratic presidential nomination: four experienced, highly capable women; at least some of whom are demonstrably more progressive than the more centrist Clinton.

    So what is the theory of the case that says why the United States needs Hillary Clinton–as opposed to any of these other great women–never mind the several fine male candidates also in the running, to become the next president?

    Is Hillary Clinton’s ego so overdeveloped that she truly believes herself to be the indispensable woman?

    When a potential candidate thinks about jumping into a race, one of the biggest factors that they consider is what “space” would they fill. In other words, would they fill a unique role which nobody else could bring to the campaign?

    In 2020, with four other highly qualified female candidates, some seven candidates in all–and with at least a couple of more big names expected to join—Clinton’s honest answer would have to be none.

    Look, 2016 was tough, it hurt. We get that. But now, with the stakes as high as they are, we as a nation need to move forward. We have no time to waste on a grudge match.

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    Oh, IDK – maybe for shits & giggles. I mean, Kamala’s running, Booker’s running, Warren’s running…. so why not add to the circus just one more self-absorbed clown just for the laughs?

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    Brandy Reyes MBA, BSN, RN

    They still underestimate the silent majority…we must watch our polls as the only way she would win is through illegitimate elections.

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