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    Confucius Institutes on U.S. college campuses are funded by the Chinese Communist Party but marketed as Chinese language and culture centers. U.S. intelligence officials have warned that these centers are “propaganda” arms of the Chinese Communist Party.

    CIA reports revealed, “The [Chinese Communist Party] provides ‘strings-attached’ funding to academic institutions and think tanks to deter research that casts it in a negative light. It has used this tactic to reward pro-China viewpoints and coerce Western academic publications and conferences to self-censor. The CCP often denies visas to academics who criticize the regime, encouraging many China scholars to preemptively self-censor so they can maintain access to the country on which their research depends.”

    Legislation signed into law by President Donald Trump in 2018 resulted in dozens of U.S. colleges shuttering Confucius Institutes on campus that were largely the result of their loss of funding, rather than concerns for the American national security.

    Two years after that legislation became law, more than 75 Confucius Institutes are still in operation in the U.S., most of them on college campuses, a few are listed below. From Maine to Florida to Kansas to California, these centers claim to educate American students about Chinese language and culture, and administrators who run the campuses on which they operate appear to believe the same country that claims to have fewer coronavirus deaths than the U.S, despite its population being more than three times the size of the U.S. population.

    SUNY, Tufts, Stony Brook, Temple, George Mason, Old Dominion, William & Mary, North Carolina, South Carolina, Xavier, University of Texas, Texas Southern, University of Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, Memphis, Toledo, Wayne State, Michigan State, Purdue, Valparaiso, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas State, Colorado State, Utah, Idaho, Portland State, Stanford, University of California, and, sadly, the community colleges and public school systems of nearly every sanctuary city and cities run by Democrat mayors.