• Roland Frerking posted an update 2 weeks ago


    Colleges and universities need to make significant administrative cuts if they wish to blow another cent of aid. Hiring freezes won’t be enough when bloated administrative offices—diversity & inclusion, multicultural affairs, sustainability, Title IX, etc.—continue to guzzle through students’ debt-laden and hard-earned tuition. Accountability is key, and it starts with conditions on bailout funds.

    Otherwise they will be free to teach students to hate America and free to admit and provide financial aid to illegal aliens. They will be free to mold students into social justice activists instead of educating them to become self-reliant, well-educated contributors to a free society. In short, colleges and universities will be free to abuse the freedoms that a free society provides. But the American taxpayer is also free to say, ‘Not on my dime.’

    Our founders knew that higher education was crucial to developing an educated citizenry, people who understood the virtues and sought to teach those to each generation. Within the last 50 years, our colleges have turned away from that fundamental purpose, teaching a view of the world that is antagonistic to America.

    The road to recovery and reform for higher education after COVID-19 won’t be easy.