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Door Frame Roll Forming Machine Door frame roll forming machine is designed for producing steel door frames. Most of the door frames need to punch holes and slots for lock position and hinge position. So punching device is a necessary part for a door frame roll forming machine. There are two ways to make a door frame. One is to cut the roll formed section edge into 45°angle and then to weld the two edges together. The other way is to punch the bending part before roll forming. In this way, it is easy to bend as a frame. Main Components Of Door Frame Forming Machine a. 5Ton Hydraulic Decoiler b. Guiding Device c. 7-roller Leveling Device d. Punching Device e. Main Roll Forming f. Hydraulic Cutting g. Output Tables h. Control System i. Hydraulic System Layout Of The Door Frame Roll Forming Machine 1. Work direction: from left to right 2. Main process: decoling, feeding and guiding, leveling, punching, roll forming, cutting, outputting More Pictures For ReferenceSteel Door Machine price website:


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