Our Principles

Our Principles


We welcome people of all backgrounds and schools of thought.  We welcome those of any faith, and those with none.  The organizers of this project explicitly repudiate all movements that seek to divide society or turn citizens against each other, and we firmly oppose violent or toxic ideologies including racism, antisemitism, fascism, socialism, and communism.  However, we do not seek to censor, shadowban, or deplatform those who oppose or offend us.  We take this position knowing that it may mean that material we find to be personally objectionable will appear on Patriotify.

Freedom of Expression

We want to create robust dialogues between members of society by creating an environment in which people of widely varying perspectives can connect.  Sometimes that means exposing users to information they would rather not know or opinions they would rather not consider.  This may even mean encountering others who purposely seek to be provocative, hurtful, or offensive. However, we do not seek to control such communication, as this could cause us to inadvertently apply our own ideological preferences when determining what content to prohibit — and that is something we greatly wish to avoid.  Such filtering is exactly what we believe is ruining the user experience of the current social media market leaders.  This is also pushing more and more people to stay in their own online echo chambers, refusing to consider the possibility that opposing arguments can be made with pure intentions.  We don’t want to repeat those mistakes here.

Furthermore, we believe that bad ideas are best opposed in an open marketplace in which their logical fallacies and philosophical deficiencies can be made clear for all to see.  For that reason, we do not use algorithms to promote or suppress content based on ideological content.  We suggest that history has shown dangerous ideas should be exposed to public debate (and in some cases public ridicule) rather than being driven underground.  Threatening movements often seem to becomes more dangerous when their adherents begin to lurk in the shadows of isolation.

Generally speaking, we apply a “criminal or tortious conduct” standard here.  This means that if the act of posting something could get you arrested or make you the subject of a legitimate lawsuit in the United States, you shouldn’t post it.  For example, threats against people and violations of intellectual property rights are obviously prohibited.


Although most of the original organizers of Patriotify lean to the right, we don’t view this project as being a right-wing initiative.  Liberals and progressives need free expression just as those on the right do, and we hope to create a community of people from all sides of every issue who are able to recognize good faith even in an opponent, and willing to stand up for their fellow citizens’ freedom of speech even in the middle of a heated argument.

Thus, while the organizers may write on political matters in our Blog and Forums, such material does not establish official positions attributable to Patriotify as an entity, nor does it suggest that arguments to the contrary are unwelcome.

Transparency and Privacy

We do not sell your data or violate your privacy.


At the earliest possible date given resource and technical constraints, we hope to adopt a platform that will enable us to create a “network of networks” by joining a federation of sites who embrace our principles, allowing for direct public and private communication between users on each node or instance.  See more on this here.


Do you think we’ve forgotten something that should be addressed here?  If so, call us out on it and contact us.